Why Julien Blanc is just the tip of the iceberg.

How and why does this attitude of hate continue to grow and thrive? What needs to be addressed?
My son in 1st yr university has been exposed to these ideas. He sees nothing wrong with them and is opposed to the recent emphasis on asking for consent. Yet, a few months ago, he was calling himself a feminist…

Questions for Us

On Thursday night, whilst a group of Australian men in Melbourne gathered for free (although reportedly attendees have charged up to $3000) to learn from Julien Blanc of Real Social Dynamics (RSD), the intricate techniques on how to intimidate and assault women – both verbally and physically; sharing laughter over yarns of bitches and whores, I joined a small group of women and was one of the presenters for an intimate event by She Leads with the support of The Butterfly Foundation; one which looked at how women can engage in more balanced lives, especially through the acceptance of our bodies.

Ours was also free.
Another interesting fact is that ours did not involve the violation of men’s rights.
What a juxtaposition.

After having Hotel Como – which was supposed to host Blanc’s Thursday night Melbourne seminar – cancel his chat, RSD scrambled and hired a cruise boat as an alternative.

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