Three Ways to Be An Ally

What I learned from the internet is that nothing upsets my male colleagues more than the pernicious sexual harassment that has been happening right under their noses for years.  “What kind of world…

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What we talk about when we talk about women and aging

I’d like to see/hear you when you’re 66. I’ll be 96. Squandering, done without denial, can be a good thing btw. We’ll compare notes then.

Fit and Feminist

I turned 36 this year, and I told my friend Autumn that I’ve been surprised by how much I’ve liked getting older.  To be quite frank about it, I feel like I’ve only gotten more awesome the older I’ve gotten, and I fully expect that trajectory to continue to until I hopefully die at the age of 104, the most kick-ass broad in the whole damn nursing home.  The world will not be capable of withstanding the force of just how kick-ass I will be.

This was not how I expected to approach my 30s. Like a lot of women I approached growing older with trepidation, having internalized the idea that my value as a human being would begin plummeting once I was no longer in my youthful, dewy 20s.

But then I got older, as one does, and I realized that, hey, it’s not so bad!  In fact, this…

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‘Canada Is Back?’ Not Until Taxation Is Truly Fair

More! More!

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Justin Trudeau is fond of saying “Canada is back,” and in some genuinely gratifying ways it seems to be the case. But by far the most important and substantive evidence for this claim is still missing: an indication that the new government is willing to seriously address the issue that a genuine return to normal rests upon. That issue is how do we recover from nearly 20 years of systematic looting of the national treasury through reckless tax cuts for high-income earners and large corporations?

Don’t get me wrong. I feel the same relief as every other Canadian that public scientists can now speak their minds, that Stephen Harper’s war-mongering is history, that we are overnight no longer a pariah on the world stage, that there is at least hope that Ottawa will take aboriginal concerns seriously and that ministers with a passion for their portfolios are more likely to…

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My 8 year old gets it.

Questions for Us

This morning, on my way to school with my 12 year old, I was talking to her about how frustrated I was that over the last two weeks or so, there has been constant reporting on how one man followed another man back to his place and stabbed him to death. Every night, another report about the case. I commented to my daughter that there should be more reports about the 24 women who have been murdered so far, this year (11 weeks) – two murders per week here in Australia.

As we were having dinner tonight The Project DID do a story (we both shot a look at each other) about the increasing statistics of violence against women – with murder obviously being the worst outcome but that a very high percentage of women experience abuse in their lives; whether it be verbal, physical, at home or out in…

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The 5 Creepiest Details from GQ’s Long-Awaited Account of A Voice for Men’s Conference Last Summer

we hunted the mammoth

A Voice for Men's Paul Elam: Still not ready for his closeup A Voice for Men’s Paul Elam: Still not ready for his closeup

A few days before alleged “men’s human rights” website A Voice for Men held its first convention last summer, the site’s founder and head boy Paul Elam put up a post imploring the alleged human rights activists planning to attend the event not to go around calling women bitches and whores and cunts, because the news media would be there, and this might make his little human rights movement look bad.

I’m paraphrasing here; Elam was a teensy bit more euphemistic, telling his followers that anyone caught “trash-talking women, men, making violent statements … anything that can be used against us” would get a very stern talking-to and, if they persisted, would be asked to leave.

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Why Julien Blanc is just the tip of the iceberg.

How and why does this attitude of hate continue to grow and thrive? What needs to be addressed?
My son in 1st yr university has been exposed to these ideas. He sees nothing wrong with them and is opposed to the recent emphasis on asking for consent. Yet, a few months ago, he was calling himself a feminist…

Questions for Us

On Thursday night, whilst a group of Australian men in Melbourne gathered for free (although reportedly attendees have charged up to $3000) to learn from Julien Blanc of Real Social Dynamics (RSD), the intricate techniques on how to intimidate and assault women – both verbally and physically; sharing laughter over yarns of bitches and whores, I joined a small group of women and was one of the presenters for an intimate event by She Leads with the support of The Butterfly Foundation; one which looked at how women can engage in more balanced lives, especially through the acceptance of our bodies.

Ours was also free.
Another interesting fact is that ours did not involve the violation of men’s rights.
What a juxtaposition.

After having Hotel Como – which was supposed to host Blanc’s Thursday night Melbourne seminar – cancel his chat, RSD scrambled and hired a cruise boat as an alternative.

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